Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can be caused by any number of factors.  And the treatments available for this type of pain are multiple.  The problem that exists is what may work for one person, may not be the solution for your pain.  The best avenue for pain free days is to work with your doctor or physical therapist in order to discover the solution for you.

What We Do

At Midland Physical Therapy, we determine the source of your pain and why you are experiencing it.  Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing can be:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Tingling
  • Loss of Motion

This may be caused by your joint, muscle, tendon, disc, nerve, ligament or meniscus.  Midland Physical Therapy will discover where the symptoms are coming from and address why or how they started.  Your symptoms may be caused by weakness, stiffness, too much movement, stability issues, poor posture, poor body mechanics or even a combination.

Pain Location

Your upper back pain may come from your neck, shoulders, ribs or upper back. At times, this upper back pain may be coming from your heart, gallbladder or even one of the early signs of shingles.  Your therapist is trained in differential diagnosis.  This means your therapist can locate the source and if it is a serious medical condition that is causing the pain.  In this case, you will be directed to your doctor or the emergency room. If, on the other hand, your source of pain is determined to be coming from your musculoskeletal system, then your therapist will design a personalized treatment plan to address the problem.  Exercises will also be provided to help minimize or prevent a reoccurrence.