Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Are you scheduled to have a joint (hip, knee or shoulder) replacement surgery?  Or are you having a ligament repair surgery?  Whatever type of surgery you are having performed; our physical therapist at Midland Physical Therapy is here to work with you in developing a treatment plan for your post surgery rehabilitation.

Working with Your Surgeon

Your therapists at Midland Physical Therapy will consult with your surgeon.  This will allow us the opportunity to discover how much activity you will be able to do depending upon the type of surgery you will be having.  Another option that your therapist and surgeon might opt to have you do is to participate in physical therapy prior to your surgery.  This would help to increase your strength and motion.  This would help your post surgery rehabilitation.

Post Surgery

After your surgery, your physical therapist will prepare a personalized rehabilitation program for you.  This will be to help you gain strength, movement and endurance.  All of these gains will allow you to return to carrying out your day to day activities once again.  The following is a list of items that you can expect from your certified and licensed physical therapist:

  • An individualized treatment plan
  • Identify and target specific deficits for improvement
  • Clarify short term goals as well as achievable goals