Lumbago is a general term that simply refers to lower back pain.  The reasons behind the back pain can be complex and not always readily apparent.  When defining the fundamental cause of your lower back pain, there are two main factors that will help guide your physical therapist in determining your preliminary diagnosis:

  • Type of Lower Back Pain – this is a description of how the pain feels, what makes it feel better or worse and when does the pain occurs.
  • Area of Pain Distribution – where do you feel the pain, if it only occurs in the lower back, if it is accompanying leg pain, or if a pain radiates somewhere else in the body

Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain Relief

Your physical therapist will determine why your lumbago, or lower back, is in pain and what is causing it.  Your therapist will determine the source of your pain, whether it is in your joints, disc, muscles, a nerve or just a weakness.  Based upon this information, a complete treatment plan will be designed to first alleviate your pain.  Then the treatment plan will progress further to reduce further risk of injury.  This will be accomplished by stretching, strengthening and education.