Physical therapy was introduced to the United States following World War I in 1914.  It was used to provide rehabilitative treatments to soldiers who were returning from the war.  Since then, the profession has grown to include several sub-specialties such as: •Orthopedics •Sports •Chronic Pain Syndrome •Ergonomic Modifications •Industrial Rehabilitation for Injured Workers •Head Injuries •Stroke •Burn Care Development

What is Physical Therapy?

At Midland Physical Therapy, we specialize in manual physical therapy to treat orthopedic, sports and spine problems. This includes finding the source of a patient’s pain and using manual and therapeutic treatments in order to rehabilitate the involved areas of the body. Such beneficial treatments will be used to help restore your movement and reduce the pain. Exercises will also be provided as part of your therapy to improve your strength and flexibility in order to prevent re-injury.

Purpose of Our Physical Therapy

The drive behind physical therapy in our office is for a therapist to help the patient return to his or her active lifestyle as quickly as is possible.  During therapy, the therapist will strive to reduce the pain, increase flexibility, range of motion and function, to build strength and correct the patient’s posture.  Therapy is often recommended for patients:

  • Following a spinal surgery
  • Treat soft tissue trauma
  • Spine problems
  • Joint and muscle dysfunction
  • Treat nerve inflammation or injury
  • Treat muscle spasms, fractures and arthritis