Great job on my neck as always, don’t know what I would do if you were not here.
Chris C.

Great physical therapists and staff – very professional and really care about their patients!
Jennifer A.

Midland PT truly cares about their patients! Great staff to work with as well! I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else.
Rebecca T.

I have struggled for a long time with various injuries due to not being careful enough in athletics and having scoliosis. Midland PT not only helped calm that down, but also fixed my shoulder, foot, and hips when I acquired those injuries. Without them, I’m sure I would still be having problems with all of those things, but they did an unbelievable job in fixing me. The atmosphere there is outstanding, and I am really blessed to have been recommended to go to them.
Annaliese H.

Midland Physical Therapy, Inc. is THE place to go for excellence in rehabilitation services and diagnostics.Their entire staff is friendly and personable. The atmosphere is friendly and positive and the entire staff is very knowledgeable. I am treated with respect in a clean, bright, and well equipped facility. My questions are answered and goals are explained. The Physical Therapists are caring and extremely qualified.

I was able to get in for physical therapy within a day of my doctor’s referral, and appointments times are flexible to meet my schedule. Midland Physical Therapy, Inc. has an excellent working relationship with areas Doctors, and services for its patients. Therapists are in contact with local service providers and follow-up with therapy progress.

It is also a training facility for potential Physical Therapist students, who receive on the job training from the best! Midland Physical Therapy, Inc. continues to meet my therapy needs and I would recommend it to any person in need of outstanding care.

Marty G.

Midland PT has helped me recover fully from two knee replacements and occasional bouts of back and leg problems caused by weight uneven gait and related factors. I return to Mildand PT each time because they have a keen ability to get to the root of my problem – and fix it. Custom made, just for me. I am always treated warmly and with respect. Midland PT strikes me as a happy place – patients and therapist – going about the task of getting better with confidence, compassion, good people and humor. I am confident they can treat anything that life throws my way and will help me continue to live healthily and actively. I am now 70 years old and have been a patient for eight years.
Ed H.

Before coming to Midland Physical Therapy, I had been through a knee scope on my right knee where I was eventually told I would just have to deal with the pain for the rest of my life, and that I’d probably never play sports again. After hearing this news, we found ourselves finding new help in order to rehabilitate my knee, and that’s when I ended up at Midland Physical Therapy.

The staff at Midland PT helped me not only to strengthen my knee again, but pushed me to believe in myself once again, encouraging me to put myself all out there in the sports that I was involved in. Through the course of probably five years, I found myself going back to Midland PT with similar or different injuries where I received the same amazing care every time I was there.

The staff makes you feel welcome, and treats you as if you’re family. As much as the strengthening process can be overbearing and hard, they have a way of making someone excited about going to rehab. I loved my time at Midland PT and would recommend everyone to go there.

Arianna H.

During the past 20 years I have been a client with many of the physical challenges that Midland Physical Therapy treats. My experience has always been a most positive one. Midland Physical Therapy is a client centered practice. The therapists and staff are dedicated, professional, friendly and accommodating while meeting the individual needs of clients. I am confident that I get the best treatment possible. I would urge anyone seeking physical therapy to first consider treatment at Midland Physical Therapy.
Carol M.