Who are you going to call?

You diagnose, prescribe, and perform procedures because you want your patients to live the healthiest lives possible. Patient referral is also part of being a care provider, whether you’re a family physician or specialist. We’d like to invite you to get to know us and find out why you should refer your patient to Midland Physical Therapy.

We understand that your focus is on providing quality patient-centered care. That’s our focus, too. The quality of our staff combined with the quality of our facility provides top quality physical therapy for your patients. If you haven’t made physical therapy referrals to us before, we’d like you to add us to your contact list.

Quality staff

When you refer a patient to us, you want your patient to feel confident that you’re recommending quality care for them. We get it. Their experience with us can reflect back on you. We won’t let you or your patient down.

When you check out our client testimonials, you’ll discover that you and your patient can trust Midland PT staff’s qualifications.

  • Our clients consistently comment on our friendliness. We believe that a friendly atmosphere helps our patients maintain a positive attitude toward their physical therapy and treatment outcomes. Because patients usually need more than a single “one-and-done” session, friendliness makes the work of physical therapy more appealing.
  • We have the credentials that you trust. All of our staff is certified, from our physical therapists to our PTAs. Our staff also offers specializations in physical therapy, including geriatrics, sports, and manual therapy. We are dedicated to our profession.
  • We care for and about our (and your!) patients. We establish one-on-one relationships with them. Because patients have only one therapist dedicated to implementing their custom rehabilitation plan, we establish both a professional and personal bond with them over the course of their therapy. That bond has kept patients returning to us when they needed additional therapy.

We’ve been providing physical therapy services for over 27 years. Midland PT will be around for many more years to come. You can rely on us for your patient referrals.

Quality facilities

We take pride in our facility. Your patients will enjoy a bright, clean environment with the equipment they need to recover from surgery or injury.

  • Comprehensive array of equipment. Our 3,500 square feet of space allow us to provide the appropriate equipment for all of your patients’ rehabilitation needs in an open, airy environment. We also provide private treatment rooms.
  • Accessible. Our facility is barrier-free, of course. We’re also easily accessible regardless of where your patient lives. Midland PT is conveniently located and easy to find.
  • In-home therapy. For your patients who aren’t ready to come to us for treatment, we offer services in their own homes.

The best staff and facilities won’t mean much if our services aren’t convenient. Our scheduling is flexible so patients can fit their physical therapy sessions into their schedule rather than fitting into ours. We don’t provide our clients with any excuses!

Who needs a patient referral?

A Heart for the Elderly

Midland has a sizable older population because our city has a reputation as a prime place to retire. We treat seniors well in Midland by providing services that many other communities lack. With an older, aging population, however, come the common ailments of the elderly: hip and knee replacement and complications due to stroke, along with the usual wear-and-tear on the body.

Advanced age doesn’t have to mean declining health. You can trust Midland PT with patient referrals for your seniors. Geriatrics is one of our specialty fields in physical therapy.

Help for the Weekend Warrior

The Midland community also caters to the athletic. We have soccer and baseball fields, a top-notch tennis center as well as an ice arena. Injuries happen and Midland PT is ready to assist in the recovery of sports injuries.

You might also want to consider making a patient referral proactively. Here at Midland PT, we know that a proper regimen of conditioning can prevent injury as well as aid in recovering from injury.

Quality treatment

When you need to make a physical therapy referral, you can count on us to provide the therapy your patient requires. Here’s a sample of what we offer:

  • Post-surgery rehab. Whether your patient referral is for hip or knee replacement or for other surgical procedures, we will work in conjunction with you to devise an individualized treatment program for your patient.
  • Pain management. We offer both physical therapy and manual therapy to treat patients with sciatica, arthritis or other chronic conditions. We also offer relief to patients recovering from accidents and injuries.
  • Vertigo. If your patient is experiencing difficulties with balance due to vertigo, we can devise a treatment plan consisting of vestibular rehabilitation habituation exercises that lead to decreased sensitivity of the nerves within the inner ear and subsequently decrease the complications of vertigo.

Visit our website for a more comprehensive list of our physical and manual therapy services.

When you refer a patient, we understand that you want them to get started on their physical therapy right away. We don’t keep patients waiting for an opening. We work hard to accommodate new patients by promptly scheduling their first appointment with us. Typically that’s within the first 24-48 hours.

Results: The right care at the right time

Physical therapy has proven its effectiveness over the years. Timely intervention is the key. Patient referral puts this process in motion.

At Midland PT, we constantly monitor a patient’s progress. We know that the right care at the right time is crucial for recovery. We’ll keep you apprised of your patient’s progress.

Putting All the Pieces Together

We believe in a team approach to health care—the patient, the primary care provider (you) and us. Of course, we spend time getting acquainted with the patient and we thoroughly assess the patient’s physical condition. However, as we put together a custom plan for the patient’s physical therapy, we also consult with you.

After all, you know your patients long before we do. When our part of your patients’ treatments is finished, you will still be providing them with medical care. We are patient-centered, and we’re here to support you in providing for a patient’s overall well-being and positive outcomes.

The Importance of Patient Referrals

As good as this doctor-patient-physical therapist team might be, it generally doesn’t happen without an insurance provider. We have that covered, too.

Most of our services, however, are only covered by insurance if they are physician-referred. Once you make a patient referral, our office staff will work with insurance providers to make certain that the treatments your patient needs will be covered.

No Blind Dates

Some blind dates have a happy ending, but more often, they’re blind for a reason. No one likes an unpleasant surprise. The stakes are even higher when you make a blind patient referral. Ideally, you should get to know us before making that first patient referral.

Visit our For Physicians page on our website to learn more about the services we provide and why you should refer your patients to Midland Physical Therapy. Better yet, give us a call and come visit us in person. A visit’s worth a thousand words! See for yourself who we are and what we do.

We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with what you see. And you’ll be more comfortable when you need to refer a patient to us. Call to schedule an appointment today.