Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of treatment you may need when you have certain health issues that make moving around and everyday tasks hard to perform.  The treatment a physical therapist helps you with will make it easier to move and helps to relieve pain.  Physical therapy also helps to improve or reestablish your physical functioning and fitness level.

Goals of Physical Therapy

The main goal of your physical therapist is to make all of those daily tasks and activities easier.  These tasks can be as simple as walking, going up stairs or getting in and out of bed or as complicated as to returning to a sport, work or recreation. Your doctor may suggest you receive physical therapy for:

  • Help recovering from surgeries
  • Injuries
  • Long-term health problems such as arthritis or COPD

Role of a Physical Therapist

Your physical therapist will perform an examination and talk to you about the symptoms you are experiencing.  He or she will also ask you what kinds of activities you do on a daily basis and then will create a treatment plan just for you.  The treatment plan that is created for you may cause some mild soreness or swelling.  But, don’t worry because this is normal.  The goals of your treatment plan will be for you to:

  • Move your joints easier
  • Restore or increase your flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination and/or balance