My First Visit

If you have never experienced physical therapy before, you may be a bit apprehensive regarding what to expect from your first visit.  One thing is for sure.  As a patient of Midland Physical Therapy, Inc. you can expect to work closely with your physical therapist in a cooperative effort to accomplish your treatment and recovery goals.  Additional information regarding your first visit follows.

During My First Visit

Your first appointment is normally scheduled for one hour with the Physical Therapist (PT).  Before determining how to treat your problem, the PT will conduct a full biomechanical evaluation.  Specific manual therapy techniques are utilized to identify the source of your symptoms.  Your movement, strength, reflexes, sensation, gait, and balance will be measured.  You will be asked about your symptoms, history, and any activities that may contribute to your condition.  This is a good time to bring up any questions or concerns you may have.


Treatment will consist of manual techniques and appropriate exercises to improve mobility and reduce pain.  Based on your evaluation, a specifically tailored program will be developed and conducted under the close supervision of your physical therapist.  Selecting from a wide range of treatments and literally thousands of exercises, the therapist designs a custom program to address each patient’s specific problems.  Our gym facility is highly adaptable to meet all of your specific rehab needs.  Following are items that are important to your success:

  • Your cooperation is vital to your success.
  • Your plan will balance physical factors (muscles, joints and body type) as well as the realities of your lifestyle, schedule, activities and commitment level.
  • You will learn about your condition.
  • You will receive instructions of ways in which to relieve pain and reduce the risk of further injury.