If you are a new patient to our office, here is a little bit of information to get you started.

Patient Referral

Patients are referred for physical therapy by obtaining a written prescription from their physician, dentist or podiatrist. We maintain open and frequent communication with the referring doctors to update them on the course of treatment and progress of each patient.  Although Michigan has passed a ‘Direct Access’ law, allowing physical therapy to be provided without a referral, most insurance companies in Michigan are still requiring a prescription from your doctor. Currently, we are advising patients to obtain this referral to assure that their insurance will pay for treatment.

Patient Preparation

Patients will be required to enter themselves into our system by one of two methods:

  • Print off the forms below at home, fill them out, and bring them to their first appointment.
  • Fill out the forms at our clinic prior to their first appointment.

Patient Intake Form  (Non-Medicare Patients)


Patient Intake Form  (Medicare Patients)


Evaluation and Treatment

Our physical therapists (PT) look for the source of the problem by using special manual therapy technique to test muscles, individual spinal segments, and extremity joints. The PT uses tests to provoke and alleviate a patient’s symptoms to best identify the source of the problem. The PT evaluation consists of measurable, objective, and functional findings including range-of-motion, neurological screening, strength, endurance coordination and flexibility.

Individualized Manual Therapy Program

A patient’s individualized Manual Therapy program includes:

  • Patient education
  • Manual traction, joint and soft tissue mobilization
  • Functional stretching
  • Spinal and extremity dynamic stabilization
  • Unweighted exercise
  • Biomechanical training and sports medicine
  • Individualized therapeutic exercise
  • Ergonomic evaluation of work and lifestyle