A dancer for 25 years, Sarah always loved to move. She also always loved to travel, spending considerable time in London and other European locales. In 2005, a poorly healed broken ankle left her unable to even walk. Refusing to give up her passion, Sarah sought physical therapy at another location, where she met Kristi.

This was the first time she’d ever gone to physical therapy. Kristi changed her life. Sarah couldn’t walk and feared her traveling days were over…. But physical therapy made a believer out of her.

Flash forward nearly a decade to 2013. Sarah had back surgery for Spinal Stenosis – the narrowing of the spaces within your spine. While Sarah’s doctor didn’t recommend physical therapy after surgery, she knew the benefits Kristi provided her for previous injuries and requested it anyway. When seeking therapy for Spinal Stenosis in 2013, Sarah learned Kristi had relocated to Midland PT and followed her here.

“It was the person that led me to Midland Physical Therapy,” says Sarah. “But I can see why she is happy at Midland PT and they are happy with her. She’s just wonderful to work with.”

The therapy process began with manual traction to address her stenosis; this involved laying down on a table and having weights attached to her feet to separate the vertebrae.

“It felt wonderful,” says Sarah. “I loved it.”

Kristi also performed hands-on (manual) therapy to separate her vertebrae, but the manual traction was the most extensive.

The stenosis would cause numbness in her leg, but has since subsided with physical therapy.

Over the following summer, Sarah began experiencing a “horrible pain, though very small” at the back of her left hip. Kristi advised her that it was likely the sacroiliac (SI) joint and went on to show her on their skeleton where it is and why it’s a common experience after back surgery.

“That’s one thing I really like about Midland PT,” says Sarah. “They’re always educating their patients and have plenty of resources and literature to aid in education.”

Sarah feels comfortable knowing she never has to hesitate to ask for direction. She says the whole staff is very open and so knowledgeable and willing to help.

“When I go to Midland PT, it just feels as if it doesn’t matter if you are a jock or a little old lady,” she said. “You’re all there for the same thing and the same seriousness, and they treat everyone with that same seriousness. But they laugh a lot, which is great!”

Sarah is now a regular gym patient, attending two times a week.

“Essentially, I go for balance and any strength I can build,” says Sarah. “As much as you can build at 76 years old.”

Midland PT has helped Sarah regain her balance and get rid of her back pain. She continues to work on balance, and is happy with how her exercise regime is helping manage it.

Sarah says she tells all her friends and family about Midland PT.

“PT is an important thing to know about. Sooner or later, everyone has something that they need help with,” she said. “They can’t go to a better place than this.”

Sarah and her husband plan to do some more traveling soon, hoping to visit London and other parts of Europe at least a few more times. Sarah says she doesn’t think that would’ve been possible without the treatment she received at Midland PT.