Amy Campbell was a gymnast for 15 years, competing up to Level 8 before finishing her career with high school gymnastics. She had her share of injuries which led her to see a physical therapist while in high school, here in Midland. She knew she wanted to go into the medical field after school, and it was during this time that she saw the benefits of physical therapy, realizing this was the profession for her.


Amy is now a full-time physical therapist at Midland Physical Therapy, Inc. which specializes in manual therapy techniques, supplemented with specific exercises and stretches. She received her PT degree from CMU in 2004, and then returned to Midland in 2006, specifically to work at Midland Physical Therapy with her mentor. Amy loves working with gymnasts. She understands the physical and mental challenges of the sport, the continual stresses on the joints and muscles throughout the body, as well as the commitment these athletes have for gymnastics.


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