Wrist Brace

Do you stock shelves in your local grocery store?  Does your son play football?  Is your job requiring you to produce a tremendous amount of typing?  So many of these daily types of activities, and so many more, can cause wrist pain.  Wearing a wrist brace can help to stabilize the wrist area and prevent further pain.

Provides Support for Many Daily Activities

When you wear a wrist brace, you are providing the support you need to help alleviate your wrist pain while performing your daily activities.  A good wrist brace is going to apply gentle compression to your wrist without inhibiting the movement of your wrist.  Some of the daily activities where you may consider wearing a wrist brace are:

  • Sports – There are certain sports, such as tennis and golf, which can cause wrist pain.
  • Stocking – Those people who work I stocking or shipping/receiving may be at risk for wrist injuries or wrist pain.  The repetitive motions of these jobs can put a strain on the wrist.
  • Working in an Office – If you work in an office setting you may be placing stress on your wrist while typing or using the computer mouse.
  • Video Games – If you are relaxing by playing video games, you may be placing stress on your wrist joint.
  • Prior Injury – If you have previously injured your wrist, such as with a sprain, your wrist may suffer from lingering pain due to the weakened muscles or ligaments.
  • Other Activities Involving the Wrist – Activities like painting, writing or working with tools may cause wrist pain, especially if performed for long periods of time.

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