Ankle Brace

Have you ever wondered why someone should wear an ankle brace?  The answer is quite simple.  An ankle brace helps to steady your ankle after you have experienced an injury and help speed up healing.  When you experience an ankle injury or are participating in fast paced weight change activities, having extra support for your ankle can help to ensure its protection.  An ankle brace will offer you that added piece of protection.

Extra Support

An ankle brace offers your ankle an added layer of protection.  It is usually constructed of stretchy or stiff fabric that features metal or plastic supports.  Some braces are pulled on while others lace up or have straps of Velcro.  These types of braces offer different types of support, such as:

  • The pull on type of brace offers the least amount of protection and do not consist of reinforcements.  It is usually used for compression to help minimize inflammation resulting from an injury.
  • The lace up or Velcro strap braces that use reinforcements on either side of the ankle are more supportive.  This type of brace is used after an injury or to help prevent injuries.

Avoid Ankle Injuries

If you have previously sprained your ankle, then you may want to wear an ankle brace as a preventative.  This is a less-expensive option to regularly taping your ankle.  If you wear the brace each time you participate in an athletic activity, you are stabilizing your ankle and providing the support your ankle needs to prevent your ankle from rolling over, resulting in injury.  Make sure the brace is tight, but not so tight that your skin is spilling over the brace or your skin turns color.

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