A doctor may prescribe a brace for either acute or chronic pain.  The brace will provide stability to a swollen, unstable or painful joint.  It doesn’t matter what joint you are supporting with a brace.  The brace can decrease pain, diminish swelling and on occasion improve the joints function.  A brace can be recommended for a range of conditions including osteoarthritis, fractures and sprains.

PT’s Bracing Patients

Physical therapists have been the number one health care professional involved in bracing patients for more than sixty years.  A brace can help by:

  • Compared to a cast, which is usually used for fractures, a brace still allows movement only with specific support.  This helps to protect ligaments that need to heal.
  • There are braces that can adjust.  Your therapists can adjust your brace as you make improvements.
  • A brace is most commonly used during your rehabilitation process in the hopes of preventing a re-injury.  This is often used during athletics or work activities.

Traditionally, using a brace is often used as an aide in the rehabilitation process and isn’t thought of as the sole treatment by itself.  A brace is used at this time in order for you to reach your therapy goals.

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